Join us!


Mum waits patiently for the next Blackbird to come and feed. Photo: Dave Leech

The more HoBOs we have out there, the more data we can collect and the more questions we can answer, so please do get involved if you can. I’d love to hear about any resightings of any birds anywhere in the town or beyond. All you need to do is record the colour-ring combination, place and date and email me at (see full details under the ‘Reporting Sightings’ tab). If you haven’t yet seen a colour-ringed bird but plan to keep an eye out in your garden fro now on, then I’d also love to hear from you.

Thus far we’ve not had a sighting outside Holt (the furthest movement is c. 550m from the garden) but it’s not impossible that the birds will move further afield; a colleague of mine, Allison Kew, running a similar study in Thetford marked an individual that migrated to Devon for two successive winters but that is definitely not standard behaviour! The birds do tend to disappear from all our HoBOs gardens in the autumn, so it would be fantastic if you could help us to find out where they go.


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